Below you will find the answer to our most frequently asked questions.

How many nappies do I need?

You need between three and five cover since the nappies need to be aired between uses. Also, you don’t want to have all your covers in the washing at the same time!

What size should I have?

Size guide

Snap button cover

  XS S M L
Waist 40-45 45-48 48-52 52-54
Hip 40-46 46-50 50-55 55-57
Size cl* 56/68 68/80 80/92 92/98

Pull up nappy

  S M L
Waist 45-48 48-52 52-54
Hip 46-50 50-55 55-59
Size cl* 68/80 80/92 92/104

Side snap nappy

  XS M
Waist 40-45 45-48 48-52
Hip 40-46 46-50 50-55
Stl cl* 56/68 68/80 80/92

* Size cl (centilong) should be seen as a reference. We always recommend that you measure the child.

How often should I wash my wool covers?

You need to wash your wool covers about once a month or when dirty. After washing and before first use, the wool covers should be treated with lanolin so that they do not leak.

How do I wash the nappies?

So, as the wash instructions in the nappies read: you should hand wash the nappy covers and the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. When clean and rinsed gently squeeze the water out of the wool cover. Then put the damp nappy in a clean towel and squeeze out excess water. Since the wool is untreated make sure to use detergent intended for wool.

How do I remove a stain?

You treat stains as soon as possible and before washing using bile soap or lanolin soap. The water you use should not exceed 30 degrees and you should not scrub harder than you would on your little one

What should I use in my child’s Alma and Olmo nappy?

In the Snap Nappy you can use any system such as inserts, prefolds, flats or fitted nappies. Even though there is room for a night time fitted nappy underneath it won’t be bulky with a small insert.

In the Pull-up Nappy you can use optional inserts such as prefolds, inserts or flats.

Which model should I get?

Choose the model according to how you use the diaper.



  • Your baby is small and needs to lie down when changing diapers.
  • Your baby usually poops in the diaper.
  • You prefer the option of being able to snap on / off the diaper when changing.


  • Your child does not want to lie still when changing diapers.
  • Your baby is stable enough to pull on a diaper.
  • You pot / ec your baby and the baby mainly poop on toilet or potty.
How do I load the diaper?

Pull Up Nappy

Snap Nappy

I want to change my order

If your order has already been shipped, the easiest is to make a return and then place a new order.

If your order has not been shipped, we can often help you change your order.

Is it possible to get express delivery?

Yes, we are currently offering express delivery to addresses within the Stockholm region. Contact us for more information or choose the express alternative in the Checkout.

How can I pay on your site?

We use Klarna Checkout. You can pay by card, direct bank transfer, invoice or installment. Which payment options are offered will be decided by Klarna and all questions regarding your payment after you place an order will be resolved most quickly by contacting Klarna directly.

What if it doesn't fit?

Each wool shell is sewn by hand and on order, but they are all sewn according to Alma och Olmo's designs and standard sizes.

In other words, the Consumer Protection Act applies just as usual - as long as the product, the diaper, is in original condition you have 14 days right to return it and claim your money back or get a new size.

If, for any reason, you wish to return your order, the wool shell should be unwashed, uncured and unused although tried.

How do I return an item?

You notify us via the form on Contact Us and send your return to:

Alma and Olmo HB
Stortorpsvägen 93A
142 65 Trångsund

We recommend that you send the return in a traceable manner. Returns sent against claims will not be collected but returned to the sender.

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